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About Nafaka Green Solutions

Nafaka Green solutions is an organization dedicated to empowering resource poor farmers in Africa by using ICT tools. Our organization stems from the fact that the whole world is embracingContinue readingAbout Nafaka Green Solutions


African Restaurants

If you wanted to get African food you had to go Caribbean restaurant.Not any more for now Caribbean people are coming to us.

Beyond the well-established Middle Eastern and North African restaurants, sub-Saharan African eateries are transforming World’s culinary landscape as well.

Ethiopia, Somali, Tanzania and Nigeria restaurants throughout Africa are enhancing the global perspective of the peoples stomach.

Their Menus would make the mouth of any person water with a taste of home. If you have a craving for African food but don’t want to cook it yourself, check out our growing list of restaurants and experience the African culture in food. 

Delesia Restaurant 

Healthy Foods Creations Restaurante’