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African Recipes is all about promoting global cultures in your plate.

For example, take a simple fish, grill it with minimal fat, serve it with fantastic Swahili sauce, and sides such as potatoes, cassava and arrowroots fried into chips…!

What about the absolutely perfect utensils, spices, etc., that would add divinity to your food as you enjoyed it? How to create a fusion, in the sense that some basic Kenyan, Ugandan, Tanzania recipes, including a few from the coast, are given a modern twist?

Until now, that is…..

So here are some of my favorite African recipes, chosen not only because they’re tasty for the tummy, but because they’re good for you too since they follow the principals of healthy eating.

Why African recipes?

Yes, Why….?

Simply due to the health, medicinal concerns which are well taken care of by African cuisines that are a result of years of testing and tasting.

For instance, traditional veggies are said to have antibacterial, inflammatory, anti-protozoa, ant-carcinogenic, hypoglycaemic properties.

Enjoy this small but very select African recipe collection — recipes which were many times created over and over and over again, tweaked again and again until they passed our very picky taste buds.

Many thanks to my friends, who suffered through all the icky experiments over the years so we can enjoy the perfected recipe today.

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Sweet Potato Recipes

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Traditional Irio

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Arrowroot Recipes

Cassava recipes

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Fish and Nyama Choma

Coconut Vegetables

African Bread


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