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Variety Of African Food

The old adage that variety is the spice of life is so true in Africa.

The great variety of African food never ceases to amaze and tease the taste buds because of its natural, wonderful taste.

From dishes like Irio (mashed potatoes), terere (grain amaranth), malenge (pumpkin), thabai (stinging nettle), nduma (arrowroot), dek (spider plant) to a never-ending list of African foods.

In Ghana, the famous hot peppery efo egusi stew full of the fruits of the sea and with pounded yam, fresh bitingly sweet palm wine to smooth its way down our throat.

Moving up north, hey Algerian sister, Let my couscous have raisins and bake the lamb with dried fruits so tender, sweet, savory and delicious!

Nigeria mmmh! I think I’ll have eba or as they call it here in Calabar gari and foo foo with my white savory stew, yes, fresh fish, thank you.

Kenya at last, what I could do with right now is some of that nyama choma with ugali or kienyeji.

Can there be any doubt why I love African food? I beg: “Mama put! Put more!”

What’s that? You want to experience the matchless African cuisine that evokes tender feelings. You have arrived at the right place.

The following African foods have the ability to provide nutritive medicinal values.

African Sweet Potato 

African soya bean

African Banana



Stinging nettle


African Arrowroot



Jute and Clotoralia 

Spider Plant 

Cowpea and Kale 


Pigeon Pea 

African fan palm 

Doum Palm 

African Acacia tree